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Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin
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Changchun Gao Qi polyimide material Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in developing polyimide materials. The company increased its capital in 2008, and introduced external investment such as listed companies and professional investment companies. At present, the company is a holding company of listed companies.
Changchun Gao Qi polyimide material Co., Ltd. is the first polyimide fiber manufacturing and sales enterprise in China. It is the only enterprise with the ability to synthesize the whole route from polyimide material to final product in China. It is mainly engaged in polyimide material with advanced polymer material technology and core core advantages. The development, production and sale of resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high strength fibers and fabrics, nano products, etc. At present, the company has developed a set of highly efficient synthetic routes and industrialization of polyimide with unique Chinese characteristics, and has obtained many patents including American and European patents, and many awards including the National Invention Award. Now it has become an important base for the research, development and production of polyimide in China.

The company has excellent technical experts and the deep technical background of the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is committed to supply the users with advanced polymer materials in harsh environment. The technical level of the company has the leading advantage at home. The polyimide sealing material, insulation material, friction material and insulating material produced by the company are widely used in aerospace, automobile and high speed railway, precision machinery, power battery, large fan, microelectronics and so on. In recent years, polyimide high technology products have been put on the market, for example, polyimide fibers with independent intellectual property rights of the company fill the domestic gap, and polyimide nanoscale non-woven fabrics with lithium battery diaphragm will bring about the renewal of related industries.

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mailbox:[email protected]
Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin

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