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Polyimide, which is the best synthetic polymer, has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, environmental protection and other fields. However, the polyimide fiber series, which is developed by our company, has excellent flame retardancy, super warmth, baby biological affinity and far infrared effect. The high-tech military materials, which were originally used in the industrial fields such as aerospace and supersonic aircraft manufacturing, were innovated to the field of civil textiles, and the industrialization of the 95 fiber was provided to the domestic and global textile industry. It will also be the first example of polyimide material used in the world.

In March 2014 and November 2015, the news conference on the theme of "original subversion and future - Taking the 95 fiber of the Aaron 95" and "technology changing life and innovation leading fashion" was held at the Great Hall of the people's Republic of Beijing and at the Beijing Hotel. The bright future for people's life. It is revealed that this high-tech and high-performance fiber has come to the field of civilian clothing.

Multidimensional body protection

Antibacterial and bacteriostasis: protection against bacteria, viruses and other microbes.
Harsh environment: anti ultraviolet and various rays
Critical moment: flame retardancy and high temperature resistance
Always protect you from viruses, bacteria, high intensity ultraviolet, fire and high temperature.

Quiet health maintenance
The primary far-infrared energy of up to 88% absorptivity and emissivity can be improved by 30 minutes at normal temperature, which can improve microcirculation to 114% long time wear. It can improve microcirculation, accelerate metabolism, balance the pH of body and improve the subhealth constitution.

We are committed to material innovation of functional textiles, which are more common than those of the market. Our products can provide long-lasting energy and are not affected by washing.

And antibacterial and bacteriostasis with protective function

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Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin

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