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95: ofyilun fiber intelligent heat preservatin
The standard moisture regain is very low, which is 1.47%. It can keep warm in wet environment.

Ofyilun ® 95 function: strong fiber far infrared energy
Suitable for the far infrared wavelength 4-16um

What is improving microcirculation, delaying aging of tissue cells and improving human resistance to disease?

The blood vessels of the human body are the conduit for transporting blood, and are also nourishment of the tissue cells around the vessels. It is like a big river, gradually branching and irrigating the surrounding land.   microcirculation is the most basic unit of the circulatory system. It is the place of direct material exchange and cell metabolism, so microcirculation is called the second heart of the human body.

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mailbox:[email protected]
Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin

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